End of Month View of the Garden. November 2018.

End of Month View of the Garden. November 2018

Thanks as ever to Helen, at the Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

November ended suddenly, I wasn’t ready to wake up to December, we started to get some decent rain, but the ground is still dry under the surface.

We have only really had one decent frost of note, and this ended all the tender and herbaceous plants still outside, now I have a new, waterproof shed I did manage to get some plants inside in attempt to over winter them. Last winter a I lost all my hanging Begonias.

A re-think is pending.

I start with this months view with a look at my foliage corner, still pulled about after the removal of my Tree Ferns for winter protection. I have 3 ferns planted in this corner, but it’s too dry for 2 of them, I’m going to relocate them this winter and perhaps place a slab on the powdery soil so I can place my tree-fern on there next spring.

Fence Border

Along the fence border I’ve done some light cutting back, the soil here gets very wet during the winter months so I try to stay off the soil as much as possible, I’ve kept my Molinia caerulea grass  uncut for a while to enjoy the wavy seeds heads, which is all very well until the winds attack.

Malus ‘Evereste’.

My Malus ‘Evereste‘ is in full fruit, I’m always disappointed that the birds don’t really go for the fruits, and they just turn brown and fall onto the floor. In Fact I usually have to snip off any hanging brown fruits in the spring so the blossom can develop properly. Good job it’s a silly short tree.

I’ve got plenty of buds on the Camellia Red Ace, but after this years hot and very dry conditions, it remains to be seen if any will develop into flowers net spring, as Camellias from the following years buds during the previous summer. I have noticed a peep of yellow flower on my Hamamelis mollis.

Island Bed

My Island bed of annoyance has been stripped of any annual plants, and partially tidied up, it’s also received a new planting of lots Tulip Ballerina, Tulip Purple Dream and Allium Mont Blanc, elsewhere up the garden I’ve added a planting of Tulip Christmas Dream. I’m looking forward to a flowery display.


I’m still waiting for my Sarracenias to die back more before I trim them back and relocate them into one of my cold greenhouses for the worse of the winter, but we have had temperatures recently of 15 degrees in the day, so I will still have to wait for colder weather before its worth it.

With all the damp, grey weather towards the end of the month I was delighted to spot seedlings for next year.

Some Cerinthe and Ladybird Poppies.

There is nothing to harvest from the garden at this time, I’ve  not made any effort to grow anything over the winter, but with black friday looming, and being bombarded with lost of free postage offers from the seed companies I decided to grow some Shallots so I can pickle them for next Autumn, this years shallots all bolted during the hot weather in May.

Golden Gourmet Shallot

3 bags of Shallot Golden Gourmet equated to 66 bulbs in total and all were planted up in the raised veg bed with an enviromesh tunnel over the top for extra protection.

Now we brace ourselves for the arrival of winter proper.

Until next time, bye for now.

December 10th 2017

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  1. How odd that the birds do not take the crabapples. The ‘Prairie Fire’ crabapple makes tiny hard fruits that look like berries that seem like they would appeal to birds, but they too get ignored. Yet, the showier fruits of other flowering crabapples get taken as fast as they start to look pretty. Perhaps the birds are suckers for fancy advertisement. By the time they eat the fruits that get their attention, they are not hungry for the rest.


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