Hi, I’m June Saddington.

E-mail contact: cynicalgardener@hotmail.com

I’m a Leicestershire, UK, based Professional Gardener and I work at a Botanical  Gardens that is open to the Public on a daily basis. I work in Glasshouses and in all outside areas.

I like growing all sorts of plants, Propagation, Seed collecting, swapping and sowing, I like visiting flower Shows,(big and small), Plant Fairs and National Garden Scheme gardens. 

I blog about things that interest me, products I find useful, interesting or might be of interest to Gardeners in General. 

I’m happy to be contacted on the above e-mail.


If you would like me to review a book or product suitable for Gardens, Gardening or Horticulture in general then get in touch.

I’ll give an honest opinion, and will only publish reviews about products, books etc… that I really feel will be of interest to people.

However I don’t promise a review, and I can’t return the product.

It will be made clear that the product or book has been sent free for review.


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  1. Nothing wrong with cheese and jam – just like a sweet chutney really! Nice on toast. My 8 year old has cheese and jam sarnies every day 🙂


  2. I am so glad to meet another “Self confessed plant Nut and seed addict” Your blog is beautiful and what a great world this over the cyber fence is…get to meet another plantaholic!


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