End of Month View of the Garden – December 2018

End of Month View of the Garden – December 2018

  With thanks to Helen at The Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

A tale of two Decembers.

So far this month any gardening activities were restricted to the beginning of the month, when it was not raining, or when it was light enough to see.  There has been  some cutting back, general tidying up and some late bulb planting. It has also been exceptionally mild for this time of year, we have had temperatures of around 10 degrees. I’ve even turned the heating off a few times, but I doubt it will last.

This time last year the garden was so sodden and the clayey soil so waterlogged it was safest to stay off the lawns.

Along my long fence border my two Hamamelis are in full flower.

I thought this was exceptionally early as it has been so mild lately, but looking back at last December’s blog, it appears to be about the same time it previously flowered.

My long border has been given a light tidy and any flattened ferns have been cut back and tidied up, it should be easier to spread my compost heap on this area when the mood takes me. My Malus ‘Evereste’, is once again reliably in full fruit and perhaps for the first time ever I’ve seen blackbirds pecking at the fruits. My Sarcococca is also flowering and the scent is lovely.

Last summers hot weather has resulted in my Camellia Ace of Hearts not producing many flower buds for next spring, as Camellias produce those buds the previous August, and during last August as we had very hot, dry days, my attempts at keeping the plant well watered appear not to have paid off. Time will tell.

Although my Hellebore plant labeled Plant B looks like it’s going to be stunning when it flowers.*

*It’s labeled plant B because I purchased it as a mixed Hellebore plug plant collection, in the packaging it was in module B, but the slugs ate the entire sticky label that had the name on. 

My little veg patch has had shallots and Garlic planted, but I have had to cover over with wire mesh or put some chicken wire around it as the addition of yet another cat to the neighbours feline hoard has resulted in some areas of my garden, mostly in the veg patch becoming a cat toilet. This is going to become a major problem for me in 2019 I just know it.

My entire collection of Carnivorous plants has now been moved into one of the cold greenhouses for winter protection. The compost just needs to be kept just moist and with a repotting session on the cards sometime soon. I really must make a better effort to look after these plants.

My Allium giganteum are peeping through the soil, like horns on a Dinosaur.

Elsewhere in the borders…… Snowdrops.!

Finally – Snowdrops.

After a bit of searching around my borders, I finally found some evidence of snowdrops emerging, Last February I purchased and planted another 100 standard Snowdrops throughout the garden. It’ll be nice to see them again.


Several Winters ago……

Let’s hope it doesn’t snow.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019.

Stay Leafy.

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  1. I think that is I was really behind schedule in my gardening chores, I would like snow to come along and hide it all. I don’t know of course, since I have never experienced it. I certainly would not want snow everywhere. I would just want it to hide what I don’t want to do.


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