I’ve made some changes to my garden over the past year, gone is the Veg plot, I finally lost the war of the giant cat litter tray. Edibles planted out which were rearranged by neighbouring cats suddenly lost their appeal. I was eating less edibles from my garden in general anyhow. Its all flowers and perennials now. I shall however continue with Glasshouse edibles for now.

I do love the first tomato of the season.

Tomato Suncherry Premium from from 2017 I think, a particularly fine year.

I’m only about a year and a half late with this blog, so I thought an update was due.

There is currently a storm of the century blowing outside called Eunice. It’s not as bad as predicted in my area, in the middle of the UK, but some of my family in the South West are getting structural damage to outbuildings as I type. All very concerning.

Although its still early in the season, I’ve satisfied my seed sowing desires for now by sowing a few seeds of hardy Perennials, in recent times its been much harder and expensive to obtain new plants, I though I’d give seed sowing a go.

Seed Sowing.

I’m using smaller seed trays these days, it leaves more space in my greenhouse, but also because as I discovered over the past year, compost became increasingly difficult to get hold of. Not to mention the rising cost….

I’ve also got a few Dahlia’s on the go, not watered in as yet, but potted up in readiness of warmer weather when they will get a good soak and brought into the warmth of the house to start them off sprouting.

Dahlia Bishop of Oxford and a few friends.

Finally, I got my propagation tunnel set up before Christmas, and took lots of Penstemon cuttings. The heat mat is set for about 6 degrees so hopefully the cuttings which have since rooted, continue to tick along nicely until potting up time, I’ve got quite a few cuttings of my current varieties propagated, but also cuttings from new plants I purchased last year.

I’m going to have fun finding planting places for them all.

Cuttings in action.

I wont leave it so long next time, stay safe.

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