Pottering about….

Pottering about

I sit writing this post indoors listening to the howling wind and driving rain outside, there has been no let up in the stormy weather for ages now, my weather station has just recorded a wind gust of 20 miles an hour, and the house that backs onto my garden has lost tiles off the roof.

This is in contrast to the pictures of the terrible floods happening along the South West coast, and along the Thames Valley, the awful pictures of communities flooded puts things into perspective, and my annoyingly wet lawn and muddy garden pales into insignificance after seeing such scenes on the news.

There is very little that I am able to do in the garden at the moment due to the waterlogged soil, I recently took the opportunity during a lull in the high winds and rain to tidy up my Hosta collection in pots, they were desperate for a weed and re-pot.

weedy pot
weedy pot

Now somewhere in there is a dormant Hosta, I originally had the idea of planting all my plants into Terracotta pots so they would look attractive, but this resulted in them drying out almost constantly and the resulting watering with a hose washed off the gravel topping which allowed the weeds to invade. Unfortunately the weeds just ran away with me late last year and I just couldn’t keep up.

Each pot is getting a revamp, fresh compost, a good tidy and a slightly larger pot which is plastic. (and cheaper).

Re-potted and tidy.
Re-potted and tidy.

So far I’ve re-potted my smaller plants, but I’ve run out of compost and loam based compost mix I’ve been using,  also the winds got very gusty and quite frankly scared me out off the greenhouse.  Nobody like to see a glass wall bowing in toward them.!

I also recently took delivery of  a  Iford Cherry Tree, apparently the 19th century architect and garden designer Harold Peto, found a small, pendulous pale pink flowering cherry on one of his plant collecting trips. He named it the Iford Cherry and  planted it on the Iford terraces and it trailed down the terrace banks.

Now this description made the plant sound wonderful and I thought I could ‘Squeeze’ such a little tree in somewhere, the tree duly arrived and I set about trying to find an appropriate pot to plant it into…

Too narrow...
Too narrow…

I found another pot buried deep in the shed…

Thats better.
That’s better.

So I’ve planted it into a Peaty/loam compost mix with a drop of grit mixed in, mostly in recognition of the extremely wet weather.

Planted up.
Planted up.

All tucked up and placed next to the house for wind protection. A nice drop of grit mulch added to keep those pesky weeds at bay.

During a quick walk, or should that be squelch around the garden I came across a little bit of brightness, I just hope with stormy weather moves away soon and leaves us all alone.

Stay safe wherever you are.

An early spot of colour...
An early spot of colour…

9 thoughts on “Pottering about….

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  1. Squelching is right! The ‘lawn’ is beginning to look like a bog… Those pots look great…I have a few things in pots that also need some love – you’ve inspired me to have a bit of a tidy up! (When the rain stops….)


  2. I feel quite guilty, here in York although also wet and windy, but nothing like the south and west, we are also getting some lovely sunny spells in between. I feel I am more on top of gardening jobs than normal. Lots of things are sprouting outside and in my unheated greenhouse. Perhaps I am in for a shock.
    PS if anyone visits my blog you will say what does he know, he’s just got back from Costa Rica!


  3. I am hoping for an end to this weather very soon, endless rain and winds make it very hard to garden and how much planning can you do! I love the time when cheery Crocuses put their heads up, its a hopeful sign.


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