Thou shall not Grow Brassicas!


I’ve been taught a lesson, quite a bitter lesson. Let me explain.  A few months ago I stood looking at my empty raised veg bed, the last detritus of Autumn had been cleaned away and the soil sat there, looking bare. Right, I thought, what could I be growing over the winter months that could make use of the soil until I need to plant out in the spring, not only what would grow, but what would I like to actually eat.

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End of Month View of the Garden – January 2019

With thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener for Hosting this meme.

We have endured January and have come out the other end. Month 1 of the year is over. We have gained approx 30 mins of extra daylight at the end of the day. Just enough time for me to get home from work and see if the Shed and Greenhouses are still standing after windy weather.

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