A Year of Garden Visiting 2019


It’s all about the plants.


Early February this year I felt the need to be in the tropics, not being able to afford the airfare to travel to far-flung exotic locations, I wandered off down to London to visit the annual Kew Gardens Orchid Festival. Held in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, this year’s theme was focused on South America, plants from this part of the world were all on display in formal and informal situations throughout the glasshouse.

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End of Year Review : 2013 Pt.1

End of Year Review : 2013 Part.1

January to June. January started fairly mild but wet, then on the 18th a heavy downpour of snow changed everything. Any sort of gardening activity was put on hold, only snow shoveling took place. Some night-time temperatures were recorded at -10°c and I had to bash a few shrubs to remove the heavy covering of snow in order to prevent branches from being snapped.



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