Thou shall not Grow Brassicas!

Thou shall not Grow Brassicas!


I’ve been taught a lesson, quite a bitter lesson. Let me explain.  A few months ago I stood looking at my empty raised veg bed, the last detritus of Autumn had been cleaned away and the soil sat there, looking bare. Right, I thought, what could I be growing over the winter months that could make use of the soil until I need to plant out in the spring, not only what would grow, but what would I like to actually eat.

Well, the answer was Cabbages, interesting Cabbages in particular.

I’m quite partial to a savoy, and a bit of Red Cabbage, so seeds were sought, and seed sowing occurred. All were placed in my cold greenhouse and seedlings popped up soon after.

The plants grew steadily and quite big due to our ongoing mild winter and towards the end of last year I planted them out.

I have an issue here with Woodpigeons pecking at stuff, so clever me, I designed a mini growing cage that would not only withstand the onslaught of squadrons of grey dumpy pigeons landing heavily but a cage what would also fend off any snow and high winds during the winter months.

Let me present Anti Pigeon Cage: Not pretty but functional.

Anti Pigeon Cage

Plants were planted out, watered in, cage built around the plants, no need to fuss until the spring. Job done.


24 hours later….

Gone, the lot, over 20 plants, all pecked to bits.

In thwarting the Wood Pigeons I had not for a second expected that a squadron of small, brown, feathery Piranas known locally as House Sparrows had a taste for Brassicas, I should have learned my lesson from the last 2 summers when they shredded all my Pea Plants, but they have upped their game and perfected popping through the side of the cage, and then at their leisure shredding every leaf they found.


So there won’t be any Cabbages, or Brassicas of any type on the menu next Spring, or possibly ever in fact.

House Sparrows.

I don’t like the way the House Sparrows are now eyeing up the Apple Tree…..


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  1. That’s upsetting. I’ve just moved to a new house where, guess what, we’ve got flocks of sparrows. They look quite cute….


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