A Year of Garden Visiting Part 2

A Year of Garden Visiting Part 2


Following on from Part 1

Late February I made another trip down to London as a guest of the Garden Press Event, it’s an event for the Horticultural trade to show off new products to the press, another associated people in the media including Bloggers.


I was given the opportunity to try out some new compost recipes being released onto the market during 2019, also new seed varieties, and we also got to see new designs of cachepots for houseplants and lots of other new interior planting items. It was also nice to catch up with familiar faces in the blogging world.

Mid-June saw me making a now annual visit to the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.  A slightly smaller affair than in previous years, with notably fewer stands, but it felt like just as many visitors.

I think I only purchased one Hosta on this occasion, which has to be a record for me, I usually leave with bags of plants. I don’t think I was really in the mood for this show this year.


A week later I paid a quick visit to Gardeners world live at the N.E.C, only living about 40 minutes up the road means this show has become a short visit affair for me, a quick sweep of all the nurseries, plant societies, and products on sale and I can generally be home by lunchtime, I’m no longer interested in paying extra for talks by Celebs which has become a ‘thing’ at these tv related shows nowadays. I go for the plants, talk to the growers, see if there is anything other than tat for sale, then away home for coffee and a bacon bap.

One show garden that I made a point of trying to see this year, was the Highline Garden designed by Lucy Bravington, which won a Platinum Award.

I shall be visiting New York in the Spring of 2020 and the real Highline garden is on my must-see list of things to do whilst there.

 2 years ago now, I won a book in a Christmas Competition, I never thought for a second I’d actually get the visit the subject of the book.

Time to start swotting up.



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  1. I love your feature photo, beautiful planting. New York in the spring and the Highline, how fantastic! I am very envious and will be living vicariously through you so make sure you take lots of photos and pay extra special attention so you can tell me (us) all about it. 🙂


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