A Year of Garden Visiting 2019 Part 1

A Year of Garden Visiting 2019


It’s all about the plants.


Early February this year I felt the need to be in the tropics, not being able to afford the airfare to travel to far-flung exotic locations, I wandered off down to London to visit the annual Kew Gardens Orchid Festival. Held in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, this year’s theme was focused on South America, plants from this part of the world were all on display in formal and informal situations throughout the glasshouse.

Upon arrival I saw the queue for the Princess of Wales conservatory was already at the “1 hour from here” sign, I took the decision to visit the Palm House and the newly renovated Temperate house.  I then ate my packed lunch in the queue for the Orchids, and frustratingly it took exactly an hour to get in. That’s 1 hour of visiting time at Kew lost…

However it was all worth it, only small numbers of people were permitted into the glasshouse at a time, so thankfully it was not too crowded.  As expected the Orchids were stunning, all colours shapes and sizes to be seen.

The Palm House and Temperate House’s are my favourite places to visit in the UK even on a mild February Day it felt like high summer, not least because of the temperatures, but the to be surrounded by such exotic and heat loving plants.

On my homeward bound journey on the coach, other passengers recounted to me how they had left it too late in the day to have enough time to get through the queue to see the Orchids, and came away disappointed.  Which is a shame, they missed a spectacle.

Kew, I do love you.

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