A Saturated Pause.

A Saturated Pause.

It started raining in October and it’s not really stopped. Monthly rainfall records have been broken, and so has my enthusiasm to a degree. Walking on any paved area in the garden is met with added peril of performing an unintentional skating routine and attempting to walk on any grassy area equally as hazardous as traversing a giant jelly with a bit of turf on it.

 I’ve been absent of late, but only in words, work has continued within the garden, although those brown paper bags of un-planted bulbs are a constant reminder of just how inhospitable growing conditions have become.

Long Border
Long Fence Border after a tidy up.


My long Fence Border has had a tidy up in between monsoon-like downpours, I had to stand of planks of wood to prevent boot sinkage. The Pulmonarias I planted last spring appear to be still present for the most part, although the presence of only a few labels might signify the demise of a few. It will be interesting in the spring, which is the primary flowering time for these plants, to see how well they have taken to this border. I still have several plants to plant but fear they might float away at this time.

The continuing mild weather is also a concern, not least because the lawn is still growing and it’s impossible for me to give it a cut, Its currently resembling a bit of welsh Moor with tufts and hummocks of grass strewn about the landscape,  however, it is providing local squirrels with hours of fun as they continue to dig up each other’s nuts.

My Tree Ferns that resided in large pots finally got planted in the garden, I didn’t want to, but with apparent warmer winters, and the fact that they were slowly diminishing in stature confined by pots, prompted me to get them planted out and thoroughly wrapped up against the impending winter months, I hope the protection also helps against the incessant wet weather.

Malus Evereste

My Malus ‘Evereste’ is faithfully ablaze of little red fruits, it’s interesting the birds aren’t attracted to the fruits, instead they are at the mercy of sharp frosts which cause them to explode.

The fruits that is……… not the birds.


Extra pond

We have another few days of rain forecast for the rest of this week.

I’ve still got plantings to do, ferns to divide, a shrub to plant, leaves to clear out of gutters. However next week is Christmas, so I think I’m allowed time off for good behaviour, I’ll sit gazing out of the window during the few daylight hours we currently have and dream of sunny days.

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  1. The trunks of those tree ferns look like those of New Zealand tree ferns, but the fronds look like those of Australian tree ferns. The former is resilient to (mild) frost, the the later is not. Of course, there are a few other types of tree fern that I am not familiar with. Because they grow so well here without protection, I do not think much of their sensitivity to cold.

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