Product review – Lechuza self watering planter

Product review – Lechuza self watering planter


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Disclosure: I was sent this planter to try out, I have not been paid for this review, the supplier has had no influence on this review and I have not paid for the item. The supplier has not seen this review before it was published.

I was contacted by Lechuza and asked if I would like to try out a self watering planter kit, I jumped at the chance as I have an ever increasing population of indoor plants throughout the house and I’m always looking out for useful and interesting accessories.

Planter box contents

The box duly arrived and the contents contained  an outer shell in my chosen red, an inner basket and a packet containing the wick attachment and float mechanism.

I assembled the float mechanium and fitted into the inner basket, then pushed the wick into the bottom of my chosen house plant which is a Didymochlaena trunculata Fern. This fern like high humidity and consistently damp roots. In my book, it’s a bit needy.

The really nice feature of this self watering system it you do not need to repot or replant your chosen houseplant in any way. You just push the wick up into the base of your plant through the existing drainage holes and place the plant into the basket.

The basket has 4 small feet to the bottom of your plant pot sits proud on the bottom of the outer shell, so your plant does not sit in water, only the wick does.

Wick dangling below the basket level.

The basket is then placed into the outer shell, and the water lever is topped up using the float as an indicator.

The root ball of my fern is staying nicely moist without any faff needed on my part, it is however apparent that my fern is in a pot slightly tall to fit flush with the self watering cube, but this does not affect its function at all.

The self watering planter comes in several colours and sizes, it looks really smart, clean and stylish. It’s minimum fuss to set up.

I’ve placed mine in the bathroom window and it’s really easy to keep the reservoir topped up with water.

In situ.

This planter would make a nice present for the plant fan in your life, it would also suit plants that are placed in difficult to reach areas were watering could be difficult without climbing on furniture, I have several plants currently in places that involve climbing up to reach to attend to them.

The Lechuza self watering planters are available online direct from the manufacturer, or from selected outlets.

To view the full range of Lechuza self watering planters and accessories… follow the Link here. 


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