Irritating Plant of the Month – Blackberry Black Cascade

Irritating Plant of the Month – Blackberry Black Cascade

Easy to grow said the write up, pick the fruit from an easy hight, make pies and crumbles it said. Just the plant for easy and convenient growing of your favourite fruits…. it said.

Blackberry Black Cascade

I was easily swayed by such claims, gardeners on growing forums were buying this plant with great expectations, so I joined in.

I purchased this plant a couple of years ago now, followed the instructions as to compost and ideal sized hanging container.  I stood back and admired my handiwork. And waited for the Cascades of shiny, juicy, fruits to burst forth.  I even took a look at some recipes, mostly alcoholic, for when the harvests arrived.

And waited…

The above picture is a representation of what the plant should look like, covered in fruit, pleasing to the eye and even producing blooms attractive to bees.


This is what it actually looks like after 2 years of growing….

My Blackberry Black Cascade

Don’t laugh.

I so wanted it to look amazing, mostly to justify the impulse purchase.  I wanted to avoid diving into hedgerows in the Autumn to pick wild fruits. Even a handful from this plant would have been nice. But so far it’s only produced a few manky flowers that the bees avoided due to their shocking appearance.

So for now, it’s soldier on with watering and feeding to see if anything interesting happens with this plant.

I suppose a sudden death is interesting in its own way.


While your here, why not pop over to the Blackberry Garden Blog and take a look at whats irritating over there. I’m sure they won’t mind.


Blackberries which I’ve not got.


8 thoughts on “Irritating Plant of the Month – Blackberry Black Cascade

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  1. Feel cheery – mine actually looks worse. I bought three ‘cascade’, just one remains and it looks less exciting than yours. It’s a nice idea but appears to be a hybrid too far.

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  2. Mmmm, I don’t think I have ever known anyone that grew a blackberry on a flower pot. In a 5 gallon bucket, maybe but not in a smallish flower pot.
    Good luck and Happy Gardening

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  3. Goodness! I can’t laugh at that! It is so unhappy!
    I know it is not polite to say so, but I would not trust those sorts of dwarfed canes for pots. I just can not expect it to perform so unnaturally.

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  4. I’ve never seen a blackberry bush in a pot either! Can you throw it in the ground to give it one last chance? Hurry before spring is over!


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