End of Month View of the Garden – February 2019

End of Month View of the Garden – February 2019

With thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener for Hosting this meme.

The shortest month of the year is over, we have experienced frost, and hot sunny days… however not much rain fell.


It was a tale of two temperatures, frosty nights followed by sunny days.

The warmer weather has inevitably bought on the flowering of various plants.

My Cardamine quinquefolia is flowering ahead of its usual April flowering time, the Helleborus have been at their best this year and I have some lovely little blue flowers of Pulmonaria Blue Ensign opening around the borders.

My long border against the fence has been mulched with the contents of my biggest compost bin, I’ve removed a few mediocre Helleborus in order to make room for the more exciting types., I’ve also moved around a few ferns in order to make room for …more ferns.

I’ve still got to sort out the lawn edge, but I’ll do that when I mow the grass.

On the edge of the Island bed of disappointment, my Hamamelis mollis is flowering, It’s looked a bit sickly in previous years, but this spring it looks like the best flowering display for years, I suspect the very wet weather last spring has suited it.

Hamamelis mollis

Most of the Island bed got mulched with my own compost, I’m hoping this will help with retaining some moisture during the hottest part of the year.

Island bed of disappointment

Last Autumn I planted lots more tulips into this bed, so I’m hoping for a bright-floral display in the coming months..

I also recently purchased some snowdrops in the green in order to increase my display. I ordered some Galanthus nivalis the ordinary Snowdrop and Galanthus elwesii the greater Snowdrop. I planted them mainly along the Fence border, but squeezed a few in the Island bed so they can been seen from the house.


In my greenhouse, I’ve almost finished repotting and  overhauling my Sarracenia collection. Dead plants have been composted, plants weeded, divided and repotted in fresh growing media. I’ve also re-joined the Carnivorous Plant society so I can access the members seed list and forums for advice.

Soon I will have to move the tray outside so I’ve got sowing room in the greenhouse. The plants spent the winter in my cold greenhouse to protect them from flooding and storm damage. I also purchased some new plants at RHS shows last year, and suspect I will do again this coming year.

Last Year

I’ve been making seed sowings, so far I have Chilli Peppers and Sweet Peppers, I’ve also done very well with Lupins from seed.

 Soon I will be sowing tomatoes, and Hardy Annual Flowers.

I’ve also been shopping, I’ve purchased some fresh Dahlia Tubers and some Gladioli bulbs, although I’ve yet to work out where i’m going to fit them in the garden.

Dahlias and Gladiolus

Until next time, bye for now.


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  1. Hamamelis are rad! We grew them for a few years at the farm, but discontinued them because they did not sell well. I would not plant them in my own garden because I could not find any practical use for them. However, I do like their bloom, and especially their autumn color. (We do not get much autumn color here.) Eventually, I intend to take a few that are getting crowded out in the arboretum (that were planted as stock plants a few years ago) and put them on the edge of my garden. I suppose that those in the arboretum are pretty enough, even if none ever go into my garden.


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