A visit to the Garden Press Event

A Visit to the Garden Press Event 2018

New ideas and Products on display to the Gardening Media

Last week I was invited to the Garden Press Event held at the Business Design Centre in London, this was an annual event held each early spring in order for suppliers, designers and manufacturers of garden related products to showcase their products to the media. In more recent years this has included bloggers.

I was delighted to be able to attend, not only as a blogger, but as someone who works in the Horticultural Industry, in my day job working at a Botanical Gardens, but also as a consumer at home.

Garden Press Event

It’s felt like a long winter so far, and as the day arrived it snowed over most of the country, we kept an eye on the forecast and train information and headed down into Central London. Our part of the country had avoided most of the snow, but we passed through several snowy regions en route.

Whist at the event we met up with friends new & not so new, some bloggers were snowed in at home and could not get to the event this year. It was nice to say hi to bloggers I already chatted to over social media, and nice to meet some bloggers who I’ve not had to chance to physically meet with yet.

There was an awful lot to see and investigate, here are some of the highlights for me:

Ecofective Natural Solutions

Ecofective had a new range of treatments and plant feeds  that are safe to use when children and pets are around, a Lawn Feed with Mycorrhizae & Seaweed extract, Bug & Mildew control, Slug defence granules that do not melt after rain and plant feeds that do not require diluting, so should insure just the right amount of nutrients are given with each watering.


The Posh Shed company had bought along their new Gothic Boot Store & the Back Door Store which had doors fitted, both were designed to withstand the weather and to provide extra storage for items such as garden tools, wet outdoor clothing, garden toys, sports equipment, dribbled on dog toys, muddy boots etc…. Both units are designed to fit snuggly against a wall, with clearance from the floor, the Back Door Store comes with a lock.

Storage to aspire to I’m sure you’ll agree.


New Product by Seedcell, Garden in a Box.

 SeedCell® have launched a new product to compliment their expanding range, The Garden in a Box, consisting of biodegradable pods containing seeds of either Tomatoes, Herbs or Salads. This beautifully designed little box contains an entire gardens worth of SeedCell® Singles and each box contains little wooden plant markers. The products are made from recycled materials, even the little window in the box is made from recycled bottles of pop.

Pottery designers and manufacturers Apta have launched a range of pots and associated items for customers to support the Royal British Legion in the 100 year anniversary of the armistice, which is November 18th 2018. The Royal British Legion supports ex-servicemen and women, and a donation from the purchase of every item in the range will go to help support its work.


The company Crocus have launched 2 new tabletop terrariums made from glass and steel with a brass finish, the Terrariums help maintain a warm, humid microclimate for plants.


Burgon and Ball bought along their new Buzz & Dotty Superhero garden helpers kneeling pads for children, several of us thought adults would be just as pleased as children would be. They also had in their extensive display three new Hang it pegboards for either indoor or outdoor storage,  available in 3 colours made from powder coated enamel. 


Plantpak Hydropod

I spotted this little item on the Westland Unwins stand, it’s a compact , hydroponic system which incorporates two self-watering chambers which
automatically water the plants. Plus, it automatically pumps
feed into the sterile growing media, a premium version has full spectrum LED Grow Light. An interesting little unit that somebody needs to buy me for Christmas.

I also spotted this, no, not coal……

Bluetooth Garden Speaker
Bluetooth Garden Speaker.

The company Lithe Audio bought along their new all-in-one Bluetooth Garden Speaker, it’s an amplifier and bluetooth all built-in, apparently you just plug-in and rock out.

And finally…..

Neudorff Biological Control.

The company Neudorff, bought along their award-winning products for us to see,  Biological Nematodes that do not require refrigeration for storage. The Nematodes deal with leather jackets, chafer grubs and vine weevils, they are easy to apply and do not need to be handled, the new compact ‘globe’ packaging contains an individual soluble bio-pouch which can be added directly to water and applied using a watering can or a sprayer. Children and pets can enter treated areas immediately after application. Which is a big plus in my book.

The company has also launched the NemaSprayer for the easy application of the three products, which is compatible with major hose brand fittings; it is also pre-calibrated for Neudorff nematodes. Again, easy peasy.


We kept an eye on the depth of snow falling outside, and pondered the perils of being able to catch the train back home whilst being given free cake by the organisers because they had made too much and quite frankly it needed eating.

Snowfall levels though the window.

It was great to meet so many enthusiastic Horticulturalists who work in all types of media, Podcasters, Youtubers, Printed Press, Electronic Press and bloggers all.


Thank you to everybody I met, it was a good day. And that cake was especially good. 


6 thoughts on “A visit to the Garden Press Event

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  1. I was looking for some healthy cynicism here. In vain. We could at least deplore speakers in gardens? Why should we inflict noise on our neighbours with faux stones? Was there anything we might usefully buy, do you think? Xx


    1. Okay, so I was thinking the same thing. I know it is important for us to attend such events to know about new and cool technology, but I also know how tiresome it can be to see all the ‘stuff’, such as noisy stones and Gothic boot houses. The more of this I see, the more I want to write about only old technology that has worked for centuries. It is silly that we need to use so many chemicals to avoid using the bad chemicals when we could use no chemicals at all. Organic gardening should not be so consumptive of plastics that eventually get added to the trash that goes back into the environment. Okay, I did not mean to rant. I suppose I am just being cynical.

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  2. I missed this event yet again! I’m quite intrigued about the garden in a box. It’s a great idea for people who’d want to get a taste of gardening. Next year I’ll try and be more organised and visit…


  3. Hi June, Lovely to meet you with Alison for a coffee just after you arrived. I don’t usually use any chemicals in the garden but was taken with the idea of Neudorff’s nematodes against vine weevel larvae, and even better that they don’t have to go in the fridge with the cheese, etc. I also liked Lubera’s new perennial veg range, their container soft fruit and Dalefoot’s range of peat free Lake District made composts. I thought it was a jolly good event, but very cold!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting to see what was going on at the event. Not convinced about the speaker… Camouflaged, yes; likely to end up with me shovelling soil and muck through the mesh, highly ha!


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