End of Month View of the Garden. End of February 2018

End of Month View of the Garden. End of February 2018

With thanks to Helen, The patient Gardener for hosting this Meme.

Alliums Sprouting
Allium Sprouting out of the ground.

After January’s sodden month, february froze the ground so hard that I was able to move around the garden without squelching.

Every weekend  involved me attacking my old mouldy shed, and demolishing it.

Original Shed Base
Original Shed Base

The original shed was build straight onto the soil by the previous owner, and as a result its been rotting quite spectacularly every year since, I’d decided i’d spent enough time and money patching it up, and it really is time has come for me to get it replaced. So I’ve spent most weekends chopping up the old shed, and burning the wood.

I’ve prepared the ground better, and ordered a new shed, to be delivered and erected by the supplier. I’m very excited by the prospect of a new shed, as its taller, much more sturdy and I’m going to paint it a nice colour. Watch this space.

Shed area being prepared.

I’ve noticed signs of life in the garden, even during the hard frosts, I’m delighted to see last years tulips are coming up well, my Hamamelis mollis is in flower, and a stray patch of yellow Crocus are peeping through.

Whilst I’ve been preparing the ground for the shed supplier to come and build me a shed base, I’ve had to relocate several wheelbarrows of soil into various corners of the garden, I’ve ended up burying some lawn, and have now called it a no-dig new bit of border. It might have flowers in it, or perhaps some veg.


I recently visited a potato day, and even though I refused to grow potatoes this year due to poor yields, I ended up buying just a few seed potatoes to have another go.

Half grass & half frost.
Half grass & half frost.

Every time we get a hard frost, only half the garden manages to defrost before nightfall, the picture is a perfect example of the north – South aspect divide of my garden.

I’m looking forward to spring, i’m looking forward to my new shed, i’m looking forward to clearing the shed contents out of my greenhouses, and getting my big propagator set up in readiness for seed sowing season.

At least for now, I have snowdrops.





12 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden. End of February 2018

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      1. Oh my! We had these strange droplets of water fall from the sky yesterday! There were more than fifty that fell onto my windshield! They got things damp! It was terrifying!

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  1. I broke down and purchased some purple potatoes. I totally understand saying you’re not growing again. I am giving it a try again with some Peruvian fingerings. I sure hope the critters don’t steal them like last time.
    A new shed. It feels good when you finally get a chance to replace something you have been patching up for years. Our cracks had to be torn down on our arches and now a new porch has to be put on this summer. We do try to keep these things going for as long as we can:-)

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