Mr Fothergills New Seeds on Trial 2018

Mr Fothergills New Seeds on Trial 2018

Late last year I was lucky to be selected by Mr Fothergills to test some exciting new Flower and Vegetable varieties that are to be launched for sale for the 2018 Growing season.

New seed varieties from Mr Fothergills.

On trial are 2 vegetable varieties and 4 flower varieties.

  • Calendula Orange Flash described as a hardy annual, can be direct sown, or pot sown, grows to 30cm high and 30 cm wide. A compact plant with bi-colour bloom. To be sown in March.
  • Cosmos Double Dutch White described as a half-hardy annual, with large double, and semi-double free-flowering blooms, tall bushy habit. 90-120cm high, 45cm wide. To be sown Mid-April.
  • Carrot Speedo F1 described as a fast growing, early main crop Nantes variety, smooth skinned and an excellent source of Vitamin A and Antioxidants. to be sown March – April.
  • Sweet Pea Lady Salisbury described as a hardy annual, can be sown direct or pot raised. fragrant cream and white picotee blooms. Perfect for cutting. Can be sown indoors from January.
  • Pepper (Hot) Curry Pepper described as hot, pungent 15cm fruits on compact plants, full of flavour, can be eaten fresh or dried. Best used whilst the fruits are still green. Can be sown indoors from February.
  • Verbena Scentsation described as ideal for creating beautiful mix containers, bedding and cut for posie.

    Mr Fothergill’s own super scented, compact variety. Ideal for creating beautiful mix containers, bedding and cut for posie.

Last August I was lucky enough to be able to visit the trial grounds of Mr Fothergills to see their range of plants growing all together.  And I wrote a blog here.

So far this year I’ve sown some of the Sweet Pea Lady Salisbury Seeds and some of the Curry Pepper Chilli seeds.  Before anybody shouts at me for making some sowings so early, let me explain my reasons, I always sow my Pepper and Chilli seeds in mid-January because they need a long growing season to get the maximum crop and I grow them slow and steady to get an early crop.

Seeds from Mr Fothergills

I normally sow some sweet peas in the autumn for a very early crop of flowers, but in 2018 I want to enter my local Horticultural Flower and Produce show on August 27th (Bank Holiday) with some Sweet Peas, I’ve noticed in the last two years of visiting the show that the standard of blooms entered has been very poor, and last year nobody entered that class at all, I suspect seeds were sown early and plants had finished by end of August, So I have a cunning plan to succession sow Sweet Pea seeds for several months to have plenty of blooms to choose to enter.

When I sowed my seeds I gave them a few hours pre-soak, now not entirely necessary but it’s something I do.

Although the packet states average 20 seeds in packet I had an amazing 45. So several seeds were sown together per cell in the tray, peas and beans don’t mind being close.

Sweet Pea Lady Salisbury Germinating.

I also sowed my Chillies, with some other Peppers I’ve purchased from various other places, 5 pots in all, then placed into a little heated propagator to  get them started.

The Seedlings are up and doing well.

It’s going to be a tasty and flowery year.

Many thanks to Mr Fothergills for the opportunity to try out some new seed varieties, order your 2018 seed catalogue here.

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  1. You’re not alone, I always start my Chilli seeds off in January as well and, as it happens, we also picked up some hot ‘Curry Pepper’ seeds from the garden centre and have several seedlings now. Be interesting to see how they grow and what they are like when we harvest them 😀

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  2. Although I do not do trials anymore, I still get a few seed packets in press releases. The problem is that I still like the old fashioned seeds that I have always grown. Renee Sheppard of Renee’s Garden Seed happens to be my neighbor. She used to send my a whole bunch of seed every years, but I have tried just about everything that I want to try! I would like to take more, but it is just too much.

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