End of Month View of the Garden. End of December 2017

End of Month View of the Garden. End of December 2017

With thanks to Steve at The Glebe House Garden Blog for hosting this Meme.

It’s the end of December and also the end of 2017, my gardening time has been seriously hampered by grisly weather and a grisly persistent cold.

The weather has been a mixture of heavy rain, fog, high winds, frosts, and finally snow.

The lowest temperature recorded has been -7° C.

The Snow arrived in the early hours of a Sunday morning, and lingered for several days.

Netted Hoops.

Everything looked temporarily clean whist covered in snow, but soon after came the melt and the inevitable flooding that my garden appears prone to during the winter months.

Flooded lawns

The garden is currently at saturation point, so any realistic chance of pottering in the garden is unlikely until the water recedes.

Tree Ferns hibernating

I placed my Tree Ferns into one of my cold greenhouses to prevent them becoming waterlogged and frozen to death, a plug of fleece in the crown should also help.

During my autumn tidy up I purposely left lots of seed heads in place just to add a bit of interest, also if any wildlife could make use of if any of the material.

Early last year I treated myself to  new Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena‘ , and planted it along my long fence border, this is where my current Hamamelis intermedia Magic Fire currently resides and is doing very well.

I was surprised to find my Jelena was flowering for Christmas.

Also along the same border there are other signs of life, A Hellebore that I grew from seed from the Hardy Plant Society Members Seed list has finally reached flowering size is about to bloom.

Unfortunately It was labeled as Helleborus  ‘Party Frock’ and it’s obviously not.

The Not Hellebore Party Frock.

It is the 2nd of two plants that reached maturity, but I pulled up the first one, as I’m a bit short of space its likely this specimen will go the same way in the spring, if not before.

Further up the same fence border another Hellebore that I grew from seed is about to flower, but for some reason its only labeled as the letter C. Not very useful really, so its flower will have to be a nice surprise.

My island bed of annoyance is currently resting in the cold wet weather after its renovation a month or two ago. I moved several plants around, disposed of some, added loads of garden compost,  planted loads of Tulip Ballerina and some giant Alliums I found spare from a project at work.

Island bed

I’m delighted to see that my Edgeworthia chrysantha is still looking good after the recent cold snap, and that the flower buds still look viable, I’ve also still got a Scabious Kudos ‘Pink’ flowering after all the battering weather, and my Hamamelis mollis is covered in buds.

I’m also delighted to see that I have a few tentative Snowdrops appearing from the ground, and some tulips in containers showing.

In my edible patch my Elephant Garlic is growing quite big, I’ve not grown this type before, but I have been told it can be a bit bitter and is just a fad, but I’m giving it a go.

Elephant Garlic

I’ve also got Leeks growing well and as yet Broad Beans still to pop up through the soil, and ordinary Garlic growing nearby.

I recently took delivery of two new patio fruit trees on very dwarfing root-stock that means the plants can be grown in containers.

Patio Dwarf Fruit Trees.

A patio Family Plum Tree with two varieties grafted on the same plant, Plum Victoria and Plum Reine Claude.

 And a patio Quince called Sibley’s.

Apparently its quite difficult to get a quince to fruit in this region, I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of The Blackberry Garden’s Tree Following blog which features a Quince….  so with my new plant I’m laying down a challenge to all comers to achieve at least one decent quince this Autumn.

So while I wait for the warmer weather, and longer days I’m going to note down the big plant shows I want to visit, the smaller Plant fairs I need to visit and play with the mountain of seeds I’ve collected over the recent months which consist of Flowers, Veg, Trial Seeds, Heritage Veg, I will also be a seed Guardian for the Heritage Seed Library in 2018,  as yet, i’m waiting to discover what they want to me grow for them and send back the seeds when I’ve harvested the crops at the end of the season.

Seed Mountain.

All the best and bye for now.

Happy New Year.

7 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden. End of December 2017

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  1. Happy New Year!
    Good to know that it’s not only me with a mountain of seeds! 🙂
    Good luck with being a Seed Guardian, sounds exciting! I am dreaming to join the Heritage Seed Library for a few years now but the membership is a bit pricey.


  2. Jelena is a lovely warm colour, much more desirable than our yellow one, which is also in flower. I like the ‘wrong’ hellebore with its red steams. I had one similar called, I think, Walter Flisk.
    Wishing you a flood free 2018

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a lovely show! Jelena is a favourite of mine and the seed heads look beautiful. As for the packets of seed, I was hyperventilating just looking at them, all that potential! Happy 2018 to you, hope it is fruitful and flower full. xxx


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