End of Month View of the Garden. End of November 2017

End of Month View of the Garden. End of November 2017

With thanks to Steve at The Glebe House Garden Blog for hosting this Meme.

I feel as November arrived suddenly, it caught me unawares, I wasn’t ready for it.

I go to work in the dark, and it’s too dark to see the garden when I get home at night. I’d like to say I get all my gardening done at the weekends, but it’s either been a bit too cold or I’ve been a bit too busy to make a start on anything.

Last weekend we woke to a slight hint of snow, a sudden reminder that we are in the grip of winter, and that I should really get my Tree Fern under cover.

A nice wedge of fleece positioned over the growing point, and then the entire plant hauled into my cold greenhouse for the winter.

Along the fence border there have been replacement plantings, an Acer palmatum ‘Beni hagoromo’,  and A Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’  have been planted.

Further up the bed my Malus  ‘Evereste’ has as usual fruited up nicely, I’m convinced that it is on very dwarfing root-stock as its only slightly increased in height since planting.

What does surprise me is that no wildlife makes use of the fruits. Perhaps I feed the birds too well.

The bed that annoyed me has settled after its re-vamp, the Pennisetum ‘red buttons’ that I moved from one end of the bed to the other had settled well, I just want to see new growth in the spring to be re-assured I’ve not killed it.

The bed is also planted up with Tulip Ballerina to add a nice splash of Orange colour in the Spring… I hope.

A pink Scabious is still in flower in the border.

I have been quite surprised to discover my Tetrapanax papyrifer rex is flowering, I don’t know very much about this plant, and I was even contemplating moving it as its growing much faster than I anticipated, but for now I’ll leave it alone and see what it does next.


As far as edibles are concerned, I’ve planted some optimistic  Broad Bean seeds in a spare bit of veg patch, now I’m not a fan of Broad Beans, but my dad loves them, so the idea is they will be harvested, and sent to him to eat all before my Sweetcorn is ready to be planted in the same spot. next late Spring, that’s the plan anyway.

In my little mesh tunnel I’ve got some hopeful Leeks coming along, these plants have been incarcerated under mesh since planting due to this region being riddled with Allium Leaf Minor,  a nasty little maggot that bores down through stems of members of the Allium family, (mostly Leeks), and causes the plants to collapse.

Last year I lost my entire crop to this beastie, so hence the mesh, if this doesn’t work then its no more home-grown Leeks for me.

I’ve also discovered my Elephant Garlic has erupted though the soil, I Bought the Cloves from the Malvern Autumn Show, I’ve never grown this before, and I’ve had reviews from friends ranging from nice, to awful.

Finally I’ve learnt this month, to be patient, let the garden rest over the cold winter months, I’ve been busy seed buying, plans are in progress to grow some weird and wonderful stuff next year.

*A watched Mouse never appears.


(*Made up Proverb.)


Until next month, bye for now.

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