End of Month View of the Garden. End of September 2017

End of Month View of the Garden. End of September 2017

With thanks to Steve at The Glebe House Garden Blog for hosting this Meme.

More normal September weather has arrived with occasional hot sunny days,plenty of rain, blight warnings, and some wind.

I’ve started wearing a jumper, and its less than 100 days till that festival that rhymes with twistmas.

Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’ and Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm.

All the Autumn flowers are doing their thing, the bees are still making use of all available flowers.

My potted Acer’s are showing lovely Autumn colour at the moment, I’ve worked out that I have quite a few Acer varieties in various stages of pots dotted in random locations throughout the garden, most need re potting into larger pots.  A job for the winter.

Acer Green Glory 1 of many dotted around the garden.

My fence border is showing signs of autumn .

Hamamelis looking autumnal.

Last spring I purchased a new Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Jelena‘ and planted it along this border, I am looking forward to seeing it in all is flowery glory next spring, the addition of this latest plant brings my Hamamelis count back up to 3 after the demise of one of my oldest and smallest plants earlier this spring.

Island bed of annoyance.

My island bed of annoyance is still annoying me, I’m determined to give it a major sort through and clear out over the impending winter months, I’ve already pulled out one plant that was very lack luster and under performing, that went straight into the bin.

I’ve been making a mental note of what I want to keep, what I want to move, where to, and what I want to be rid of, however every time I undertake this mental task I come out with different decisions.

Behind the island bed, in the random are in between the falling down shed and newest greenhouse, I have a lovely display from my newest Aster.

Aster novae angliae ‘Dapper Tapper’.

This Aster was in its first year last year and sulked a while, so this year it’s looking splendid and settled in nicely.

I’m also getting some nice grass seed heads, but the plants do need relocating this winter as they are too close together.

Grassy Seed Heads.

Pennisetum red buttons, in close proximity with Miscanthus nepalensis. 

My Crab Apple is currently looking like I’ve placed red beads all over it. It’s practically glowing.

However I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be grafted on dwarfing root-stock, or really dislike the ground conditions as after 6 years of being planted, the tree has barely doubled in sized. I can tell its been grafted by the effect on the lower trunk, and in all other aspects the tree is really healthy, except in size.

All my Tomatoes and Cucumbers have now finished, I’ve pickled loads of cucumber batons and slices, but need 3 months in vinegar before I can taste them to see if I like them preserved that way. Tomatoes have been rendered down into lots of jars of sauces to be eaten with pasta dishes. The Sweetcorn is also finished and cleared away, I managed to achieve the elusive 2nd decent cob per plant, something I’ve never managed before, the addition of lots of B&Q manure was the secret ingredient.

After the Sweetcorn plants were finished and removed it gave my Butternut squashes who were planted in a 2 sisters style, chance to fruit up and ripen, the crop as been very small and individual fruits are also comically small, however they are very tasty.

Butternut Squash Hunter F1. (Don’t Laugh).

I think I’ll grow a different squash as part of the two sisters next year, something more exciting perhaps.

In the raised beds I have a bit of winter Lettuce, and a crop of small Leeks hiding under mesh to try to thwart the Allium Leaf Minor which devastated all my Leeks last year. If this method does not work, then I will give up Leeks for good.

I’ve also got some autumn planting Shallots & Red Onions purchased from the Malvern Autumn Show I attended recently. I’m going to grow the Shallots as pickling onions for harvesting next late spring. Well that’s the plan.

Until next month, bye for now.

8 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden. End of September 2017

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  1. Re your island bed of annoyance. Does this bed need a focal point? It looks like a collection of random plants that were looking for a home. Perhaps something with a ‘presence’ will give it cohesion. I found a similar problem bed was improved with a schefflera in the middle!

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    1. You are spot on about my island bed of annoyance, it is exactly a collection of random plants just plonked it. Interestingly I do have a schefflera in another part of the garden doing nothing….. I need to have a think.


  2. Thompson and Morgan do a Winter Squash ‘High Sugar’ mix seed packet which I’ve grown with success before. There are four varieties of squash in the mix – Harlequin, Celebration, Sweet Lightning and Table Star. Harlequin and Celebration were in the mix last time I bought it and are lovely, sweet fruit. Of course not knowing which of the varieties you are planting where, adds to the growing experience and it’s exciting waiting to see the fruit start to develop and swell, so you know how many of the four varieties you’ve actually grown 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lots going on! I love Jelena, one of my favourite witch hazels and the aster is gorgeous. What I love about autumn is the shuffling and sorting and planning. The wonderful thing about gardening is whatever happens there is always next year.

    Liked by 1 person

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