End of month view of the Garden: End of July 2017

End of month view of the Garden: End of July 2017.

The beginning of July was hot, sunny and all in all very pleasant with the occasional warm shower of rain.

All very idyllic and perfect growing conditions for all sorts of plants, both ornamentals, and edibles.

Dahlia creme de Cassis

Then midway through the month it was like September arrived. It rained, it was blowy, it was cool at night occasionally down to 8° C and it was very dull. On one occasion a jumper was deployed.  Rainfall for July was 87.9mm which was double last July’s amount.

Rainfall amount in one night.

I’ve even resorted to closing up my greenhouse’s at night to give my tomatoes some protection and encourage some ripening, and I’ve started to get quite a few of my late summer perennials flowering, I’m sure they are a bit earlier than usual, my Echinacea is in full flow as is my Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’.

However along my long fence border I have already been cutting back many of my ‘gone over’ hardy Geraniums, and this has left quite a few gaps amongst the vegetation.

I’ve put the above blue Salvia in a gap in the border to give a bit of colour, I had not really noticed until I uploaded these pictures how I appear to have favored foliage over flowering in this area, but it is predominantly north facing so the foliage plants do well.

I do have some very nice flowery plants, all planted within the last year.

Penstemon ‘Pershore Pink’
Salvia ‘Patens’
Penstemon ‘Cherry’
Salvia ‘Hot Lips’

My Salvia hot lips is looking good, but I do think it’s one of the most  overrated plants currently available.

Sanguisorba ‘Beetlewings’

The Sanguisorba was a new purchase late last year, and its now flowering for the first time, it’s still got some growing to do though, but I’m pleased with its progress, but I think it needs more Sanguisobry friends.

Pansy Jolly joker.

I’ve got a load of Pansy Jolly Jokers in a hanging basket, I think they are a bit of a Marmite plant, but my late mum liked them, so I like them as well.

Up to the Greenhouse’s, and my Tomato house full of heritage varieties is looking well, although I’d like to see a lot more ripening fruits by now.

Tomato Orange Banana
Tomato Scotland Yellow
Tomato King Humbert
Tomato Summer Frolic

I think I’m going to have plenty of tomatoes to make into my own pasta sauce if only it warmed up a bit. I will be saving seed from the majority of the Heritage varieties to submit into seed circles I’m a member of.

Cucumber House

In my older greenhouse, I’m growing Sweet Peppers, 3 types of Cucumber and a plant new to me, called an Achocha ‘fat baby’ plant, I’m not really sure how to describe it, I was sent the seeds to try by another Beryl the blogger behind Mud and Gluts, they germinated quickly and have so far taken over my greenhouse. They look like a green prickly hedgehog… as yet I’ve not tasted one. perhaps this coming weekend when no ones looking..

Achocha fat baby

Elsewhere in my raised beds, I’ve got some interesting beans growing for seeds.

Hungarian Dwarf Beans

These Beans have nice, long, waxy, yellow pods. I got the seeds from the Heritage Seed Library and I will be collecting my own seed for various seed circles.

Nuns Bellybutton Beans

An interesting named bean because of the patterning on the actual bean seed, I purchased these from Thomas Etty Seeds for a laugh.

I also have growing what is possibly my best ever Sweet corn.  Growing in a raised bed with plenty of manure from B&Q last year, I’m hoping for a bumper crop, if it would only warm up a bit!

Sweetcorn Lark F1

The plants are currently over 6ft tall, and are showing the elusive 2nd cob per plant, it’s always been a mission of mine to get that 2nd decent cob per plant, and this year so far  looks positive.

Malus ‘Evereste’ fruits.

I’ve noticed my Malus ‘Evereste’ Fruits are showing a tinge of colour which can only indicate autumn is not far away, in fact I’ve started receiving spring bulb catalogues through the post, so far I’ve refused to even look at them.

Finally, I recently had business to attend to nearby the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, as they had a plant fair on hosted by Plant Hunters Fairs   

So some shopping was done.

Plant fair shopping. (Cat not included).

An Acer palmatum ‘Beni hagoromo’ , a Helenium Sahins Early Flowerier, a Verbascum ‘hastata f.rosea’ and a very nice Diascia ‘Hopleys’

Well it would have been rude not to.

Until next time….

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  1. I’ve got an old and rather large “Hot Lips” here. I’ve noticed this year that when the weather’s hot, the flowers are all white, only returning to the red and white when it cools down. So I’m renaming mine “Cool Lips”. You have funny-coloured rain oop there! Are you sure that’s your rain gauge you photographed? 🙂


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