Envii Seafeed Xtra Plant Food

Envii Seafeed Xtra Premium Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

Sponsored Review: I was sent a free sample to test.

Envii Seafeed Xtra premium Organic Seaweed Fertiliser.

Recently I was asked by the people behind the Envii range of products if I would like to try out their new Seaweed based plant food.

As I’m always keen try out new gardening related stuff, and that being the main purpose of this blog I jumped at the chance.

I used the feed on Hanging Baskets, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and my Sweet Corn crop growing in raised beds.

As a result, my Tomatoes are growing superbly, with nice rich dark green foliage, the Hanging Baskets are quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. I’ve got more Cucumbers than I know what to do with and I’ve had to seek out more interesting ways for preserving them. But my favourite crop, the Sweet Corn with Butternut Squash accompaniment planted  below are growing with vigour and have lovely dark green leaves.

I’ve been using this product for the last couple of months and I’m very, very happy with it. It can be applied by either a watering can during normal watering routine or as a folia feed, or both if you wish.

Envii Seafeed Extra is Organic and application rates are as follows:

  • Dilute 10ml of Seafeed Xtra with 5L of Water
  • Apply Using Foliar Spray, Direct to Plants Foliage
  • Re-apply Every 10-14 Days

Envii Seafeed Extra retails at under £10 for a 1 Litre Bottle with free Postage And Packaging.

More details from http://www.envii.co.uk/shop/seafeed-xtra/)



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  1. Thanks for a very timely (for me) review. I’ve been looking at the Envii range for a while and, not being one to accept free samples for review, looking out for others whom I trust and who do. I think I’ll dip my toe in the water and buy a bottle.

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