End of Month View of the Garden: End of May 2017

End of Month View of the Garden:

End of May 2017


I ended last month’s view wishing it would rain… well It did, in bucket fulls, mostly in one or two hard showers.

The water butts filled up and the garden got refreshed and burst into life.

Here comes the rain.

We had several frosts in May and several chilly nights just above freezing, so planting out and potting up of tender plants had to wait until the end of the month.

Lettuce under mesh.

I’m getting some good crops from my raised beds.

It was a Radish

And some really rubbish ones.

Its was eventually warm enough to pot up my tomato plants into their final positions in my greenhouse.

Tomatoes avec Cat

10 plants around the sides and 2 in the middle, total 12 plants under glass, with another 2 varieties in tubs in the garden.

I intend to eat some fruit in salads and by way of making my own pasta sauce, but also save seeds and swap varieties with other seed savers.

The majority of my plants are Heritage/Heirloom, or just unusual.  I’m taking part in 3 separate seed circles this year, two of which are hosted on online Growing forums that I am a member of. The idea is to grow at least 2 varieties, save seed, send it in, and you get back unusual seeds from the other seed circle members. F1 hybrids do not come true to seed, so should not be included.

My Tomato Varieties for this year are:
For me

Suncherry Premium F1 (for me, not swaps), San Marzarno F1 (for me, not swaps)

For Seed Swaps

Deweese Streaked, Essex Wonder, Scotland Yellow, Darby Striped, King Humbert, Carotina, Cream Sausage, Rutgers, Cyril’s Choice, Summer Frolic, Kelloggs Breakfast, Black Krim, Blaby Special, Kenilworth King George, Orange Banana.

So far I’ve spotted a few fruits forming, so I hope to be eating my first homegrown tomatoes soon.

In my second Greenhouse I’m trying a couple of different varieties of Mini cucumbers.


I’ll be tasting soon.

My neighbour finally replaced all his rotten fence panels with lovely, strong, dark new ones.  I had to do some repair work along my side of the fence, so some of my plants got squashed, but they will recover. There is so much lush growth now.

My favourite bit.

This is my favourite view of the garden so far, the tree-fern was an impulse purchase last year, and I’m glad I did, it’s in a pot raised up off the ground by a couple of feet so it looks taller than it actually is.

Many, many years ago I was given several pots of Ragged Robin, I duly planted it in the border on the left, and watched it struggle. The next Spring it failed to come up and I thought, well that’s that then, but then I noticed interesting leaves in my excuse for a lawn, I stopped mowing in that area and was rewarded with a lovely pink flowery display, every year since then I’ve avoided mowing the damp patch of lawn and let the ragged robin bloom, the bees love it, and it appears so does Freddy my cat, who thinks he’s invisible.

Self Saved Sweet Pea Seeds, Wiltshire Ripple.

It’s going to be a great growing season, and now the sweet peas are coming thick and fast.

Thanks go as ever to Helen, The Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

Until next time… bye for now.


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  1. Something is going wrong with my (usually) co-operative micro-climate this year. I see blog after blog reporting (with proof) all sorts of things flowering. Here, so far I have lots of multi-coloured lilies, all flowering orange, and alstroemeria, which usually kick off in April, just starting to show flowers. But not a single sweet pea flower (or bud for that matter), no flower spikes forming on foxgloves (planted last year) and not a single sign of a tomato (OK, that’s understandable as I’m not growing any). So I’m getting a major fit of jealousy. Oh, and resident cat has successfully destroyed all the emerging nepeta shoots. Please keep up the posts and the photos to give me an idea of what might happen here! Sometime. Maybe. Whenever…….. 🙂

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