End of Month View of the Garden: The End of August. 2016

August delivered where previous months merely hinted…

A hot dry start to the month ended with a bit of a splash, and some thunder and some lightning….

In-fact 50% of the total rainfall for the month fell in one night towards the end of the month.


It’s also been my most productive month so far this year in harvesting crops.

Tomatoes by the bucket full became Tomato Sauce, and the freezer has been filled.

Cucamelons were eaten and the Sweetcorn harvest started.

I continued to be a slave to the watering, and cursing myself for planting so much stuff in containers, however the harvesting of lots of tasty fresh crops made up for that and it was nice to be in the garden every evening

Watering the Sweetcorn
Watering the Sweetcorn

Elsewhere in the garden little hints of Autumn are showing themselves, Late summer flowering plants have finally bloomed.

I am hoping the frosts will be late this year as many of my plants are late into flower compared to this time last year, it would be nice after all the difficulties of the cold wet spring to have an extended show in the garden.

Fuchsia 'Stardust'
Fuchsia ‘Stardust’

 I’ve had a good display from my various Fuchsias, with the above Stardust being my current favourite.

I’ve had very few Butterflies in my garden this year, I believe this is in part due to the cold and wet Spring, and those that have been spotted tended to be of the White Variety, mostly searching for Cabbages no-less.

I was delighted mid-month to spot tell-tale signs of Hedgehog movement in the garden, the signs were droppings or as I call them, Hedgehog poo, in various locations on the lawn, I blew the dust off my Wildlife Camera and set it up opposite a big dish of water I have out for the Wildlife.

The picture below is what I caught on Camera.!

Hedgehog action.!
Hedgehog action.!

 I’m delighted to have a Hedgehog back in the garden after my sad post last April 2013… Smiles in the Sunshine & some Sadness.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

End of Month View of the Garden: July

Thanks as ever for Helen for hosting this meme.

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  1. My little family of hogs are better trained than yours – they walk carefully around the edges of the lawns, making it easy for me to knock the lines of poolets into the borders where they seem to do a decent job of deterring cats (when resident cat’s asleep and so not guarding his domain). And maybe I need to start growing tomatoes again, not so much for the sauce but the jars of green tomato chutney I used to fill all the nooks and crannies with at the end of each summer. And I must go and have a stern word with the dahlias. They should have flowered by now but are only just starting to show decently developed buds! I like your camouflaged vodka glass. 🙂


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