Raised Beds, Mud and Big Plans….

One of the changes I wanted to make to the garden layout, was to build a new raised bed for veg growing, my current raised bed number far too few for what I want to grow.

In 2015 I grew Sweetcorn in big pots in blocks in a bit of an experiment to see if it was a suitable way of getting  a good crop, they had to be in pots as I did not have any room on the sunny side of the garden to plant in the ground, the experiment was a stunning failure, even with a very rich growing medium mixed up by me, lots of liquid feed and lots of watering, I only got about 10 cobs from 25 plants, and they were small cobs at that…. but very delicious.

A decision had to be made,  either give up or invest time creating a decent growing space and go all out in the pursuit of a splendid harvest……


I decided to dig up a round flower bed I made a couple of years ago, it never really reached its full potential, it was horribly clayey, and I dug in several sacks of shape grit and old compost only to be rewarded with a mediocre flower display.

So first job was to re-home all the perennials, these were replanted in other beds around the garden, then I bought some treated decking boards and fixed these into place and used some old cardboard and newspaper to cover the grassy corners. I used sacks of old saved compost from my failed sweetcorn pots, some sacks of soil improver and at least 5 wheelbarrows of compost from my own Dalek Style compost bins to top the bed up.

1-jan 2016 019
Finished bed.

It just needs to settle down now, and I can top it up when required.

With all these jobs done, I planned more work in the greenhouse the next day, and I wanted to start lifting the old slabs from where my 6×6 once was.


Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.

The next day……


To be continued………………………..


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  1. I used to have raised beds very like that, but I recently concluded that greater depth is required, so last year I built 2 very substantial beds (40cm deep). Maybe it was not a coincidence that in one of them I got my best-ever crop of carrots and in the other a very respectable crop of Runner Beans (my best 2 crops in an otherwise very poor season). [Lots about this on my blog, btw.]

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