Autumn Greyness, occasional bonus flowers and Impatient Iris.

The clocks have been turned back, and now I’m going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark..  I’m having to grab short amounts of time in the garden at weekends when weather and household chores allow.

Its been unseasonally mild up till now, with only 1 night of a slight frost, I still have leaves on most of my plants and even some flowers on others.

I’ve got a clematis in a sheltered site that’s actually started to flower again, I don’t know what this means for the long term health of the plant, but it does look odd flowering in Mid-November.!

Confused Clematis.
Confused Clematis.

Even though the days are grey I’m delighted by a few bright stars shining in my garden, My Malus evereste is full of pretty red fruits.


The tree is still hanging onto its leaves though, I think the next sharp frost will put an end to that though.

I am also very pleased with a deciduous ornamental grass that I planted out earlier last year, I have had it knocking around the garden in a big pot for a few years, but finally got it planted, it has lovely, tall golden foliage and seed heads.

Unknown grass....
Unknown grass….

Now I know I had a label for it when I planted it, and I just hope its still somewhere around the root ball, as I have to move this grass to a new spot soon as I planted a Magnolia too close to it last spring, and it will be easier to move the grass and not the Magnolia.!

I’ve also got a few bonus flowers at the moment, an Erysimum bowles mauve which is refusing to believe its mid-November and a Rose Geoff Hamilton which has sprung back into growth…

Eryngium bowles mauve
Erysimum bowles mauve


Rose Geoff Hamilton
Rose Geoff Hamilton

No doubt the next frost will put an end to my bonus flowers, and It might even stop the lawn from growing.

Although this mild weather does have a little advantage, some seeds I collected from an Iris have already germinated, and I thought the seeds would prefer a cold snap to aid germination.

Apparently not.!

Impatient Iris.
Impatient Iris.

5 thoughts on “Autumn Greyness, occasional bonus flowers and Impatient Iris.

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  1. That clematis makes it look like it’s late-Spring! It is very mild; I still haven’t had a frost here in Sheffield. On the other hand, we get to enjoy such floral delights as you have shown. Gorgeous picture of the Erysimum bowles mauve.


  2. I’m in Nottinghamshire … my clematis is flowering too … and the delphiniums and the cleome and the primroses ….. Today I am enjoying the warm sunshine and the clear blue sky so frost tomorrow!


  3. I am delighted by your close up of the Malus Evereste, having just planted a row of four of them in our front garden to line the road. Did the leaves indeed fall with the subsequent frost, and how long do the fruits usually stay on the tree with you?


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