Fiery foliage and Fruiting Bodies

Fiery foliage and Fruiting Bodies

Its been almost a month since I did an update on my Gardening Activities We have had 3 glorious weekends on the trot of hot, dry weather which means when in the garden I’ve been mostly been out weeding, watering, tidying and slowly disposing of my Hanging Baskets. This September has been our 3rd driest since our rainfall records at work began in 1993.

I’ve been using the hose to fill up my water butts so I can water my remaining tubs and a few distressed looking plants and shrubs. I’ve been rationing my small amount of rainwater for my Sarracenias as they can only have rainwater.

Last Monday, (the 7th Oct), I was at work in a t-shirt and sweating buckets, the temperature was at 23°C, then by Wednesday it all changed rapidly, Summer left in a hurry, A cold front arrived, the heating went on, so did the winter duvet, and I rushed my Fuchsias into the greenhouse, as the high winds arrived.

All this weekend the weather has made up for the lack of rain, and I am quite relived about that…

Inch of rain in 24 hours.
Inch of rain in 24 hours.

My rain butts are mostly full now and my shrubs look happier.

So far we have not yet had a frost, we did have a temperature reading of 6°C on Thursday morning, but no obvious damage to my plants.

I wanted to re-arrange my greenhouses this weekend so I had room to move some tender plants inside, but the wet & windy weather and a job done by a gas engineer has put paid to that, I just hope we don’t get a frost before next weekend now as I wont have time till then to get out into the garden. And it gets dark so early now.!

Rudbeckia still flowering their socks off.
Rudbeckia still flowering their socks off.
Autumn colour on Hamamelis.
Autumn colour on Hamamelis.

My lovely Euonymus alatus looks like its burst into fire with lovely Autumn colour.


On one of the dry weekends I decided to get ahead a little and start to remove the tattiest annual bedding and have a general tidy up…. I’ve cleared away quite a few areas and due to the dry conditions I found I was able to dismantle and spread compost quite easily from 2 of my 3 compost bins. I’m saving spreading the third bin for a later date.

This growing year has shown me that the soil in my borders does not look that good, it cracks open easily so its in for a good mulch and a fork over and I will add something like Pelleted Chicken poop in the Spring if I can find some cheap enough to purchase. Everything seems so expensive these days.!

Cleared out and Mulched.
Cleared out and Mulched.

I have a few plants I want to plant into this area, now its a case of finding the time, and nice fruits on my little Malus to the right to the picture.

Island Bed... still a problem...
Island Bed… still a problem…

This bed is my Island bed, and is in full view from the back of the house, its had the most work done to it this Autumn, I’ve cleared out many under performing plants, many self seeding Pulmonarias and odd-looking Primulas. Its had a good mulch, and I’m going back to the drawing board with it for next year, I might put a few sun-loving herbaceous in or go with more annuals. Still undecided.

I’ve been receiving seed catalogues and making a few purchases in that department, I bought some bulbs from a mail order company called Peter Nyssen they came highly recommended from other gardeners, the bulbs look big, plump and healthy. I’ve managed to get some planted, but the race is on now to get them all planted soon.

Boxes of Bulbs.
Boxes of Bulbs.

I have a the remains of a dead plum-tree in my garden, I’m keeping from chopping it down as it holds 50% of my washing line, and this time of year I get interesting ‘eruptions’ in the lawn which are undoubtedly from the rotting roots.

wet weekend 011

These actually scared the cat when he saw them.

With the colder, wetter weather coming, I’ve been preparing by amassing a small heap of Horticultural Themed books to read, seed catalogues, and following many excellent Gardening Blogs for inspiration and a jolly good read.

I recommend the following in particular, The Patient Gardener and The Blackberry Garden and finally Alternative Eden

Roll on Spring.... Again.
Roll on Spring…. Again.

So there’s no more denying that Autumns here and Winter wont be that far behind, time to decide what cuttings to take, what plants to try to get though the winter and work out just how I expect to do that with an unheated greenhouse. So much to think about, and quite possibly not that much time.

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  1. i am so glad you got some rain. We really need some here in Texas as well. I wonder why none of your photos showing up in this post. All there were were those little boxes with questions marks in them. Blessings, Natalie


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